Energy detection for IEEE 802.11 standard

M.Sc. Ankit Kaushik
Communications Engineering Lab
Kreuzstr. 11, Zi. 202
Tel.: (0721)608 43748

Stichworte: Cognitive Radio, Indoor Coverage, USRPs



/Arbeiten/uploaded/257140mtm.pngIntelligent network elements (with cognitive radio capability) are required to efficiently utilize the radio access networks to meet the upcoming demand of high data rates. In order to use the spectrum cognitively (secondary usage) energy based detection sensing is performed which is quite challenging with regard to cognitive radio. Energy based detection approach is the most generic technique for sensing spectrum as it does not require knowledge over the primary user signal, however, because of its lower computational characteristics is primarily used for signal detection.



The task is to realize sensing techniques like energy based detection or digital spectral estimation for cognitive radio for IEEE 802.11 standard. The whole concept is implemented with USRPs, facilitating a cognitive radio concept with software programmable hardware.

This work is also available as Student Project or Master thesis.


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