Maximum Likelihood detection for Cognitive Repeaters

M.Sc. Ankit Kaushik
Communications Engineering Lab
Kreuzstr. 11, Zi. 202
Tel.: (0721)608 43748

Stichworte: Cognitive Repeaters, Maximum Likelihood Detection, GnuRadio



/Arbeiten/uploaded/262maxL_farbig.jpgThe relay elements (with Cognitive radio capability) implements a classical approach, i.e. ,energy detection to sense the presence of primary users in the spectrum. Binary hypothesis testing (Maximum Likelihood (ML) detection) is used as the probability model to make decisions on the presence or absence of signal distorted with additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN).



A working demonstrator (with Universal Software Radio Peripherals using GnuRadio) already exits at the institute, that outputs energy values for the scanned spectrum. The task would be to analyze these energy values and to implement ML detection in GnuRadio.


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