Deployment of Wireless Channel Models at 5 GHz ISM Band

M.Sc. Ankit Kaushik
Communications Engineering Lab
Kreuzstr. 11, Zi. 202
Tel.: (0721)608 43748

Stichworte: Cognitive Relay, Wireless Channel Model, USRP



/Arbeiten/uploaded/284CR_Scenario.jpgCognitive Relay (CR), a secondary userĀ“s network element, is meant to provide capacity improvements. The additional resources, i.e, channels that are spatial unused by the primary users. The knowledge of these channels is attained through sensing. The figure describes the CR scenario where the primary users channels available outside are being reused by the CR. In order to do that CR must satisfies certain constraints namely interference constraint for primary receiver and the capacity constraint for the indoor devices.



There exists wireless channels models that considers path loss, large scale and small scale fading. The validation of these models are done using the hardware USRP at 2.4 GHz ISM bands. The measurement scenario was CEL building second floor, however the measurements were restricted to:
- a single floor
- 2.4 GHz ISM band
- sinusoidal wave
The task of the thesis is to extend the work, i.e., the channels models further to:
- several floors of the CEL building
- higher ISM bands, e.g., 5 GHz band
- real data transmission
- calibrate the hardware at 5 GHz band.


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